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Armstead Edwards rose to prominence as the husband of the highly acclaimed American singer and actress Patti Labelle. Patti Labelle is a successful artist known for her chart-topping songs like "Does He Love You" and "Addicted To You."

Despite their separation, Edwards and Labelle have managed to maintain an enduring friendship. If we delve into Armstead's life, we can uncover his whereabouts and activities shedding light on his journey, beyond his relationship, with Patti Labelle.

Celebrity Husband's Early Years

Edwards was born in April 1942 in Pennsylvania, USA, placing him in his early 80s. Despite reaching this milestone, Edwards is reported to be alive and in good health. However, details about his personal life, such as the identity of his parents and educational background, remain undisclosed.

Edwards has maintained a private stance, keeping his personal information away from the public eye. This enigmatic approach adds an air of mystery to his life, leaving aspects of his early years and upbringing largely unexplored.

The Reason Behind Edwards's Divorce With Labelle

The couple, who were married for thirty years decided to end their marriage not because of conflicts or infidelity. Because they realized that they were not well suited for each other. Armstead, who worked as Patti Labelle's manager had proposed to her three times before she finally took matters into her own hands and proposed on the occasion.

Armstead Edwards with Patti Labelle at the event. Armstead Edwards is the ex-husband of American singer and actress Patti Labelle.
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Their wedding in 1969 in Maryland was an intimate affair attended by close family and friends. The choice to separate was based on their understanding of their lack of compatibility, than any dramatic issues.

Armstead's Life After Divorce

Armstead Edwards has kept a profile since his divorce, in 2003 so it's unclear what his current relationship status is. He was previously married to the singer and actress Patti Labelle. After their divorce, he chose to lead a private life and keep the details of his romantic involvements under wraps.

Patti Labelle in the picture. Labelle's relationship with Eric Seats after her divorce from Edwards. 
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In contrast, Labelle has expressed her openness to dating and has stated that she deserves someone by her side. In 2016 news emerged about Labelle's relationship with Eric Seats, who happens to be 30 years younger than her.

However, after a year and a half, Labelle decided to end the relationship. In 2021 the singer publicly announced that she was no longer interested in dating indicating a change in her perspective, on romance.

Edwards's Children 

Armstead Edwards, who was married, to Patti Labelle for over three decades has three sons. Zuri Kye Edwards is his son, born on July 17, 1973. Zuri has followed in his parent's footsteps. Now works as a music producer and manager.

Armstead Edwards with Patti Labelle with their childrens. Armstead Edwards and Patti Labelle have five children together.
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The other two sons, Dodd Stocker Edwards and Stanley were adopted by Armstead and Patti. Dodd, the first to be adopted works as a re-founder at PUMP DOG Performance Apparel. Meanwhile, Stanley is an attorney at Covington and Burling LLP, in Washington D.C.

Here's an interesting fact; Stanley Armstead's adopted son dated Michelle Obama during their college years. Moreover, after the passing of Patti's sister Jacquelin, she also adopted Jacqueline's children: William and Stacey to expand their family 

Armstead's Interests And Career

Armstead Edwards, before his role as Patti Labelle's manager, held a prominent position as a school principal, showcasing his expertise as an educated and qualified leader in the education sector.

Although recognized by The New York Post as the former spouse of the renowned "If Only You Knew" singer, the specific details about the educational institution where Edwards served as principal remain confidential.

His professional background as an educator underscores a level of intellectual and leadership prowess, contributing to his diverse career journey from education to managing the career of a music icon like Patti Labelle.

Edwards's Net Worth

Armstead has an estimated worth of, around $500,000, which is similar to Baye McPherson's wealth. His professional journey involved managing his ex-wife, the singer Patti Labelle who has a net worth of $60 million, just like Nathan Morris who is also a singer who has a similar net worth.

While Edwards may not be counted among the millionaires, Patti Labelle's riches come from her music career with hits like " Mermaid" and "If Only You Knew," as well as her ventures in business and acting.

Specific details about Armstead's estate and properties are not disclosed. However, it is known that he and Labelle co-owned a boutique in Philadelphia showcasing their joint business endeavors during their time. Despite not achieving millionaire status himself Edwards played a role, in supporting Patti Labelle's career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Armstead's Social Media Presence

Edwards, much like Megan Fliehr, remains elusive in the online sphere, maintaining a minimal online presence. Known for his preference for a low profile and limited public appearances, Edwards was last spotted in May 2019 through an Instagram account with the alias @gijonesjrphilly.

Despite occasional glimpses, he continues to navigate the digital realm discreetly, keeping details about his life away from the public eye.

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by Joseph, 19 Jan, 2024

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