What's Singer Nathan Morris Net Worth in 2017. His estimated Net Worth was $ 60 million in 2016.

News by Clarence Published on 31 Jan,2017 Updated on 31 Jan,2017

Nathan Morris is a millionaire musician. He made his millions as the founder of Boyz II Men, an immensely popular boy band worldwide. His net worth in 2016 was estimated to be $60 million. We are going to discover if there has been any change to that in 2017.

Nathan's net worth in 2017 seems to be the same as 2016, i.e. $60 million, according to The richest. His staggering net worth is linked to his Boyz II Men years, does he have other sources of income? Let's find out:

Singer Nathan Morris's net worth in 2017 is $60 million

Nathan Morris’ financial stability and the huge net worth of $ 60 million wouldn't have been possible without Boyz II Men's success.

                               Nathan Morris


He was a singer and the founder of  Boyz II Men, the best-selling male vocal group in R&B genre of music. Michael McCaryShawn Stockman, and Wanya Morris were other members of the quarter. 

The group's single 'Motownphilly' in 2001 topped the US R&B chart. Their first album 'Coolyhighharmony' sold 9 million records. The quartet scored five No.1 pop hits and sold more than 60 million records all over the world. 

                         Boyz II Men


Seeing his success with Boyz II Men it's no wonder that he has such a huge net worth. Also, as he was both a member and the founder, he must have made more money. The band is not professionally active now but they have emerged time and again for collaboration and reunion. 

He is not exactly regular on twitter but he does post from time to time. Like the small video snippet, you can see above. 

What is the latest news on Nathan Morris, Boyz II Men's founder member?

He hasn't exactly been making headlines. Former band members usually like to keep a low profile. However, CNN did a report on 2015 about how Nathan understands the struggle of starting from ground zero and therefore had made efforts to help a homeless cafeteria worker.

He started an online donation fund and raised $21,000 in 3 days, he had vowed to add $10,000 from his side if he could raise $10,000 online. Let's hope Nathan is doing many other good deeds like this.