Are the salary and net worth of CNBC's reporter Philip J. LeBeau fair to his work?

News by Clarence Published on 28 Jul,2016 Updated on 16 Aug,2016

If you are a car enthusiast or someone interested in automotive and airplanes, you should be familiar with the name of Philip J. LeBeau a.k.a Phil LeBeau.

LeBeau reports on automotive sector and airlines industries. His other works include editing  "Behind the wheel" section in and hosting some major automotive-related documentaries. Phil LeBeau is a successful news reporter of CNBC's Chicago bureau and is a member of the news network for more than Seven years.

He started his journey as a reporter from  Lyons Township High School's WLTL radio station. After LeBeau graduated from the University of Missouri's Columbia with bachelor's of Arts in journalism and broadcasting started to work for CNBC's Automotive column. Phill is airlines and automotive journalist with the qualities of convincing voice and sharp personality.

Philip has an ability to keep his viewers engaged as automation itself is a type of a subject which gets viewers interested but LeBeau adds up to the show for being at his best at straight conversational style and capacity of interpreting complex issues in common language.

We can relate his working styles to his previous work experiences which led him to stand out in CNBC's chart. LeBeau served as a media relations specialist for Van Kampen Funds in Oak Brook Terrace, IL. Philip J. LeBeau at the beginning of his career worked as a field producer at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, where he was involved in writing and producing consumer stories after analysis and researched. This experience enables him to take the CNBC's complex program related to vehicles to a next level. 

Philip J. LeBeau also hosted some of the CNBC's memorable documentaries like  "Dreamliner: Inside the World's Most Anticipated Airplane", "Saving General Motors" and "Ford: Rebuilding an American Icon" 
In Dream liner, he talked about Boing 787, its development and hope of a well-designed air transport along with comfort to general people by the development of Dreamliner. These documentaries added an exceptional rating to CNBC's TRP. It takes brilliant reporters like Phill to take CNBC at the height where it stands today.

Ford talked about the history of the auto industry which once was a pride of America and the present state of Detroit's famous ford. Whereas saving general motors dealt with issues of reinsuring the existence of general motors.

Phill obviously is a more frontline figure when it comes to fame in the whole CNBC network. So, it is obvious that he makes a handsome amount of money out of his CNBC's shows and documentaries. We know very little about the actual salary Claimed by Philip  LeBeau for a show as CNBC likes to keep it a secret. However, according to our sources, Phill's salary is speculated to be somewhere around 45000 US Dollars per month; which in our view is very fair for his work! In fact, he deserves more than that. Philip J. LeBeau 's net worth is expected to be around Two Million USD. The famous Automotive reporter Philip J. LeBeau has more than twenty-three thousand followers on twitter.