Are Golden Brooks and D.B Woodside married or did they split? Find out here

News by Saburo Published on 03 May,2017 Updated on 15 Apr,2018

A mysterious love story is always the one that ignites more attention. Add a child to the equation and it becomes quite sensational!

The  Beauty Shop star, Golden Brooks is living through such a story herself. Brooks has a daughter and was in a relationship as well, but was she married or was ever married? Who is her child's father? Let's dig deep

Who is the Father of Golden Brooks' Daughter?

Golden Brooks an actress, as well as a writer, was in a relationship with D.B Woodside in 2008  and in June 2009 pregnancy rumors started circulating the media.

Golden Brook Pregnant

Golden Brook pregnant


 Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside was born on September 1, 2009. She released a statement saying

Everyone is insanely in love with her. We’re so happy, my mom and dad have moved in to be around her that much more! We’re already calling her our little jumping bean because she’s so active!

However, even with a daughter in the scene. D.B Woodside and Golden Brook quit their relationship in 2010. It must have been a pretty big reason though!

Did Golden Brooks ever marry D.B Woodside?

Golden Brooks was in a relationship with D.B Woodside for two years, the couple welcomed a daughter together. But, just when the relationship looked like it was going to take a significant step, they broke up, in 2010.

Golden Brooks and D.B Woodside

Golden Brooks and D.B Woodside


But, even despite the split, the couple are said to be co-parenting their 8-year-old daughter. Sounds like the right and mature thing to do!

Is Golden Brooks Currently Dating Anybody?     

Here's the thing, It seems like Golden Brooks might be dating someone, or at least that there is a possibility. How do we know that? Well, just check out this Instagram post!



A post shared by Golden Brooks (@therealgolden47) on Mar 2, 2017 at 10:27am PST

Could it be that the single mom is in love? Does she have a boyfriend? Who is this new guy in her life? Or could she get re-married soon? That is something time and Brooks' Instagram will tell! Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated!