Selfie Horror: A Woman Falls Off A Balcony Of A Building To Death While Taking Selfie

News by Joey Jordan Published on 14 Oct,2018 Updated on 14 Oct,2018

Weird selfie pose might be your favorite, but the risk that you take for a single shot could cost you a life. The incident recently happened in Panama City has revived the selfie horror once again after a woman fell from a tall building to death while taking a selfie.

A Portuguese woman, known to a mother of two fell off from the 27th floor of a tall apartment building on Friday, 12th October while grabbing a selfie stick after she rode on its railing. The woman, locally named as Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo, tumbled over the railing as she was taking a snap.

CAPTION: A Portuguese woman fell off of a tall building to death while taking selfie SOURCE: Daily Mail

A devastated friend mourned her death and  tributed her in an Instagram post where she wrote:

This woman was a very good friend of mine, a mother of two children. She was a teacher and she was in Panama to work in her chosen profession.

A recently emerged video footage shows the woman holding the selfie stick until she plunged down on the ground.

After the shocking incident, Panama's Fire Service published a warning on its official Twitter which said:

Don't risk your life for a selfie. It's more important to lose a minute in life than your life in a minute.

Police have been investigating the horror incident, and the initial reports say she might have lost her balance on the railing due to the gust of wind.

According to the reports, approximately 259 people are known to have lost their lives accidentally while taking selfies from 2011 to 2017. In this, the most common way people die is by drowning, falling, or being hit by traffic.