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Annalise Dale, the wife of magician and former performer, on America's Got Talent, Jon Dorenbos works for a known casino company in the United States. From Denver, Colorado she has a bond with her mother who lives in California and often makes trips to visit her.

Although Annalise deeply cares about her parents she prefers to keep details, about her family private. If you want to learn more about Annalise's life, relationship status, career, net worth, and more please continue reading the article.

Early Years

During her years, Dale, a resident of Denver, in the USA led a life keeping her birth date undisclosed. Before becoming Jon Dorenbos's partner in life she enjoyed an existence away from the eye.

Annalise Dale Annalise Dale has loved traveling since her childhood. 
 SOURCE: Instagram@jondorenbos

With a love for traveling, she plans family vacations to create memories with her busy husband. They have explored destinations such as Bali and French Polynesia during their adventures.

Unfortunately, information about Annalise's background remains unknown adding to the mystery surrounding her life. Despite her spouse's fame, Annalise continues to embrace life. Finds joy, in the experiences of family and travel.

Married Life

Annalise is currently married to Jon Dorenbos, a magician and former NFL player. Their romance commenced in 2015, evolving into a two-year courtship before they exchanged vows in the enchanting locale of Los Cabos, Mexico, in June 2017.

Opting for Bora Bora as their honeymoon destination, the couple, who are yet to embark on the journey of parenthood, has not disclosed plans for children. While Annalise remains discreet about her previous relationships, Jon was previously wed to Julie Dorenbos, with their marriage spanning from 2010 to 2015.

The details surrounding the dissolution of Jon's earlier marriage have not been publicly disclosed. Currently, Annalise and Jon navigate their married life, blending the realms of magic and sports, with a shared commitment to their relationship and a private stance on their family planning decisions.

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Meet Maya Dorenbos, a girl who has been capturing hearts since she was born in 2019. Her parents, who are proud of her often share glimpses of her life on their Instagram account. From an age, Maya has been attracting attention with her love, for the beach. Can frequently be seen enjoying the beautiful coastal charm of Huntington Beach, California. 

Jon and Annalise with their daughter Maya Dorenbos is the child of Jon and Annalise.
 SOURCE: Instagram@jondorenbos

Through her moments and fun beach adventures, she has become a presence, on social media giving her followers a delightful glimpse into her joyful and picturesque childhood.


Dales's career started when she became a hostess at the Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas, where her main focus was on providing service to gamblers. Her role was crucial in enticing customers to come. She had the authority to offer compliments, drinks, services, meals, and beverages to enhance their overall gaming experience.

Due to her performance, Dale steadily climbed the ladder and eventually reached a prestigious executive position within the hotel-casino. As an executive, her responsibilities expanded to ensuring top-notch service for clients overseeing casino hosts' activities and actively participating in casino operations management.

Her dedication, to maintaining levels of customer satisfaction and efficiently managing aspects of the casino industry played a significant role in her career advancement.

Physical Appearances

Annalise is a woman of beauty, with a maintained physique. Her creamy blonde hair perfectly complements her captivating eyes adding to her charm.

Annalise Annalise is a woman of beauty, with a maintained physique.
 SOURCE: Instagram@jondorenbos

With a figure and an average height, Annalise exudes grace, in her every movement. Her physical attributes, coupled with her demeanor enhance her elegance and make her stand out in any environment.

Net worth

Although Dale keeps her worth private, her husband Jon Dorenbos is known to have a considerable fortune exceeding $2.5 million. Jons's wealth stems from sources, including his career, as an NFL player and his earnings from captivating magic shows.

In addition to Jons's accomplishments, Annalise herself earns an annual salary of over $60,000. She also receives bonuses from clients and projects which occasionally result in windfalls of up to $10,000.

While the exact details of Annalise Dales's worth remain undisclosed the combined financial status of the couple reflects a prosperous lifestyle. This encompasses Jons's career achievements along with Annalise's income, from her professional pursuits.

Social Media Presence

Despite her husband Dorenbos' presence in the spotlight, Annalise Dale maintains a low social media profile. Her private Instagram account reflects her preference for a more reserved online presence. 

Although she's not active in the public eye, she occasionally shares glimpses of her life, often featuring moments captured alongside her husband.

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by Joseph, 26 Jan, 2024

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