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Andre Berto is a boxer of American as well as a Haitian nationality who has been known to be a two-time welterweight champion. He was born on the 7th of September, 1983 and has achieved much success and fame in his field.

Andre Berto has won 31 professional matches out of 35 that he have played. He has also been the winner of a medal in the World Amateur Championships whereby he represented the United States of America. He is an immigrant from Haiti and was introduced to fighting and boxing by his father after he was beaten up several times in his cla s s. He has also been the two-time National Golden Gloves winner as well as a PAL Champion for two times. He has won 22 state titles in Florida too.

Andre Berto has also appeared in the 2004 Olympics when he was disqualified for throwing Juan McPherson to the canvas. His professional career has been seen in the welterweight whereby he has achieved much success and fame too. He has also won the welterweight title for his boxing skills and has been known particularly for his fights with Ortiz and Zavec.

Andre Berto has been pretty secretive in regards to his personal life. He has never revealed any information in regards to the matter to any of his fans all across the world. He has never been a s sociated with anyone in the boxing fraternity and neither has he revealed any information of having dated any celebrity. He might have a girlfriend who is not a celebrity, but the details about her are hidden too. It can be said that Andre is certainly hot gay as he has never dated anyone from the opposite gender.

Andre Berto has never been married and does not seem to be in a hurry to do so. He has no children yet and it can be said that he will certainly not be marrying anytime soon as he has not even been engaged to anyone. It can be hoped that Andre reveals more insights into his personal life in the time to come.

Andre Michael Berto has the net worth of a whopping 12 million dollars. His skills as a professional boxer have led him to amalgamate such a huge amount of net worth. He evidently earns a huge amount of salary for the games he played and for the contributions he has given to the sector of boxing. He is actively involved in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and more information about his career can be easily found out on bio sites like the wiki.

by Bchrome, 11 Aug, 2016

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