An Ohio School Doctor Accused Of Sexually Abusing More Than 170 Students

News by Joey Jordan Published on 21 May,2019

An Ohio State University school-commissioned report revealed a former Ohio doctor allegedly abused more than 170 University students for over one decade.

After the revelation, a former student, Steve Snyder-Hill wanted more answers from the university, which failed to take appropriate action. He accused the doctor of the abuse in 1995.

Dr. Richard Strauss allegedly molested the students from 1979 to 1996, and the university suspended after a student accused him of "fondling him during a genital examination."

The report claimed the university authorities were aware of the abuse as early as 1979, however, the complaints remained confined to the Athletics or Student Health departments until 1996 when the university finally took action against the doctor.

CAPTION: Doctor Strauss allegedly molested over 170 students SOURCE: WICS

Although he was suspended from the campus, he maintained his position in the university as a tenured faculty member until 1998 when he retired. Years later, in 2005, the doctor died from suicide.

School's president sent a statement to students after the release of the report writing the findings were shocking to comprehend as well as he apologized on behalf of the university to those students who were Dr. Strauss' victims.

Steve told People he didn't believe the college had taken the full responsibilities for what happened with its students.

The school has called a media conference for Tuesday morning to address the report and raising questions about the school's plans to discuss the scandal.

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