An Australian Woman Dumps Husband After He Cheated On Her With Her Mother

News by Joey Jordan Published on 13 May,2019

An Australian woman was left heartbroken after she found her husband of six years cheated on her with her mother. Tanya, 27, revealed during a 'Group Therapy' segment on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday morning.

Tanya, who also shares a six-year-old daughter with her now ex-husband, revealed on the show how her marriage ruined after she confronted him and her mother a few weeks back. "It kind of messed me up," she told the program hosts.

She said when she confronted her mother over the phone; she initially got 'defensive,' however, she didn't accept or deny the cheating accusations. Tanya said,

She basically got all defensive, blamed everything on him. Called me a lot of names. She didn't answer the question.

She added,

My family confirmed it and my gut instinct. As soon as I confronted both of them, they blamed each other, they were all defensive, so many red flags and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Tanya said it wasn't the first time her ex-husband cheated on her as she revealed she once discovered he'd been sleeping with one of his old friends. She decided to forgive him for the sake of their child at that time, but she chose to walk away from her marriage after she knew about his affair with her mother. She said,

I left him a week ago. I just couldn't take it anymore. It was a build up.

She got married to her "prince charming" six years ago shortly before she got pregnant with their daughter.