American Radio Host Tommy Sotomayor known as Mr. Controversy has earned a huge fortune from his Career-Find out his total net worth

News by Valdemar Published on 06 Feb,2018 Updated on 06 Feb,2018

Renowned for his satirical news on his YouTube channel 1on1 with Tommy Sotomayor, Tommy Sotomayor is also a radio personality and internet talk show host. He has been on controversy for his comment and criticism against African American women. 

How much has Tommy Sotomayor earned from his controversial career? What is his total net worth? We have all details.

How Much Is American Radio Host Tommy Sotomayor Worth? What Are His Sources of Income?

Tommy Sotomayor's estimated net worth is $1.5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. The radio personality accumulated most of his net worth from his career as a radio host and YouTuber.

As per sources, the salary of a radio host starts from $8.39 to $36.46 per hour and $17,450 to $75,850 $29,020 per year. Sotomayor who is a host of Your World, My Views; a popular radio show probably earns between the given numbers. 

Tommy Sotomayor's estimated net worth is $1.5 million

Tommy Sotomayor's estimated net worth is $1.5 million

Source: Wikipedia

Apart from the radio show, his acting career also helped Sotomayor to add figures to his net worth. He has performed in several movies including A Fatherless America, Drugs & Other Love and Tomi. Furthermore, he also appeared in television series including Louder with CrowderOn Point with Tomi LahrenDishing Tea with Big Meach and many more.

Sotomayor also runs the website, His career as a YouTuber also enhanced his earnings. His most popular video are Tommy Sotomayor Admits To His Relationship With Caramel Kitten! and Woman Gets Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy!

Tommy Sotomayor: Career Highlight

Sotomayor established his YouTube channel MrMadness Sotomayor in 2012 and has uploaded many videos such as Gabrielle Union Says Dating D Wade Hurt Her Career and 15 Kids, 1 on the Way, No He.

He also posted several satirical news on his YouTube channel and website Sotomayor's videos are mostly focused on African American community for which he is often criticised. 

American Radio host and YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor

American Radio host and YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor 

Source: YouTube

Sotomayor later addressed all his view in the documentary directed by him A Fatherless America which addressed those people who have fatherless homes.

Tommy Sotomayor: Quick Facts

  • Tommy Sotomayor was born on December 11, 1975, in Georgia.
  • His birth sign is Sagittarius.
  • His nicknames are Mr. Controversy, TJ, and Mr. Madness.
  • His height is 5' 11" (1.8 m).
  • Sotomayor has two children.