Amanda Bearse, The Female Comedian Who Came out as a Lesbian in 1993, Her Personal Life Details

News by Saburo Published on 25 May,2017 Updated on 16 Feb,2020

There is no greater happiness than accepting yourself for who you are. Just a few decades ago, coming out as a homosexual was frowned upon, it is not all that great now, but certainly much better.  Amanda Bearse, a popular comedian, and actress from prime television sitcom Married with Children is a great example for all lesbian lovers out there!

Curious to know more about Bearse's married life with Carrie Schenken? We have exclusive and inspiring details for you!

Lesbian Couple Amanda Bearse and Carrie Schenken's Marriage Details!

Amanda Bearse made a statement when she came out on ' The National Coming Out Day in 1993 with the purpose of spreading the realization that gay and lesbians are normal people as well. She was among one TV industry's few openly gay actors.

Image: Amanda Bearse and her wife Carrie Schenken


Amanda Bearse married her lesbian partner Carrie Schenken in 2010. The couple has been married for over six years now, without any cheating or divorce rumors, the couple seems to be doing great!

Amanda and her wife Carrie have adopted two children. In 1993, Amanda adopted her first child, a daughter named Zoe

Amanda's Dating History

Amanda likes to keep her dating life private but still, she was linked to some girl in the past.  
Once she had an affair with co-actress Sandra Bernhard in 1983.  Apart from Sandra, she also dated another woman named Amy during the time she adopted Zoe.

Image: Amanda Bearse and Sandra Bernhard

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Sandra Bernhard, a popular actress, and comedian, who gained fame in the late 1970s with her stand-up comedy is known for her bitter critique of celebrity culture and political figures. 

What is Amanda Bearse currently doing?

Amanda, 58, is still active in her profession of acting and comedy. She has appeared in several movies and television shows. In 2013, she appeared in one episode of television series Anger Management

Image: Amanda Bearse

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Amanda is also involved in several LGBT campaigns and movements. She is not only active in acting but also active in direction and production work of several comedy shows.