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Allira Cornell, a photographer is the daughter of John Cornell, a well-known actor who received an Academy Award nomination, for his role in the comedy series The Paul Hogan Show as Strop. She is also known as the offspring of soap opera star Delvene Delaney.

Being a homemaker Allira completed her education at Macquarie University. Has been pursuing a Masters degree at Curtin University since 2019. To uncover more about Alliras's life, academic journey, professional endeavors, financial status, relationships, and social media presence continue reading for insights, in the upcoming sections.

What Was Allira's Childhood Like?

Allira Cornell hailing from Mullumbimby, Australia has chosen to keep her age under wraps adding an element of intrigue, to her life. Even though her age is not known recent photos hint that she could be in her mid-forties.

Being a national she is the offspring of the figures John Cornell and Delvene Delaney. Her educational background indicates an interest in medical anthropology culminating in a bachelor's degree from Curtin University.

Allira CornellAllira Cornell is the offspring of the figures; John Cornell and Delvene Delaney.
SOURCE: Facebook

Her academic journey highlights her thirst for knowledge and dedication to a field that delves into the crossroads of medicine and culture.

Despite maintaining secrecy about her age Allira Cornell's accomplishments in academia and professional endeavors depict a woman of substance driven by a love, for learning and unraveling the complexities of existence.

Cornell Is A Married Woman With Kids

Cornell is a woman, with children. Allira, the offspring has always kept a key in her personal life. Recent reports suggest she is happily married to a long-term partner whose identity is not known.

The couple has two children, Aelfie and Ayla, both attending Northern Rivers School. While Allira's family flourishes, her parents John and Delvene celebrate a 43-year marriage.

They met on The Paul Hogan Show set in the '70s. Tied the knot in 1977. John Cornell, a known producer had marriages but details about his ex-wives remain unknown. Despite interest, in the Cornell family, Allira remains protective of her life from the media's prying eyes.

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Allira Grew Up With Two Sisters

Allira was raised alongside two sisters; Liana and Melissa. Liana, who shares a connection, with Allira and was born on April 24 1990 is a known actress and a graduate of NIDA. She has garnered acclaim for her performances in TV shows such as East of Everything, Britannia, Schapelle, and Wolf Creek.

Allira Cornell Allira Cornell was raised alongside two sisters; Liana and Melissa.
SOURCE: Facebook

In December 2019 Liana quietly tied the knot with her husband, Dan Martinovich who works in the film and photography industry. The ceremony was an affair attended by close family members. On the other hand, Melissa, who is Allira's sister and aged 51 had been married to Glen Norman until they parted ways in 2004.

This family dynamic showcases a mix of talents. With Allira focusing on photography Liana excelled in acting and Dan made his mark in filmmaking and photography. The Cornell sisters collectively represent a range of skills and experiences, within the entertainment field weaving together a family narrative.

Cornell Has Expertise On Photography

Allira Cornell is known for her expertise, in photography showcasing her talents. Despite being limited information is available about her beyond her photography skills. She has chosen a career as a photographer in Australia demonstrating dedication to her art.

In addition, to her creativity, Allira also excels as a singer and guitarist often sharing cover songs on media. Currently living in Australia with her family she maintains a level of privacy despite her achievements and the lack of a Wikipedia page.

How Wealthy Is Allira Cornell?

Allira Cornell, known for her work as a photographer likely earns an income although the exact details of her worth are not publicly disclosed. Estimates suggest it could be, around $100,000. On the other hand, her father, John Cornell has built up a wealth believed to be approximately $15 million.

Allira CornellAllira Cornell, known for her work as a photographer likely earns an good income.
SOURCE: Facebook

John Cornell gained prominence through his portrayal of Strop in the received comedy series called The Paul Hogan Show, which ran from 1973 to 1984 under the creative guidance of Paul Hogan.

Moreover, John Cornell has expanded his influence by working as a director and producer on projects such, as An an Angel (1990) Crocodile Dundee II (1988), and Crocodile Dundee (1986). Recently he and his wife Delvene invested in a property of $910,000 located in Mullumbimby highlighting their ongoing financial prosperity.

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