All Eyes on Shinsuke Nakamura V/S WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 May,2017 Updated on 10 Aug,2017

If all goes well Current WWE champion Jinder Mahal will face challenger Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura is being advertised and has appeared to challenge him in several occasions.


Apart from the fact that Nakamura is among one of the contenders for money in the bank at smack down, he is also being highlighted to give Mahal a tough competition.

Jinder will have a rematch with Randy Orton at Money in the bank. In the absence of Orton, AJ Styles worked with Jinder. The match is still a month to go and most of the viewers are expecting a WWE title match between Jinder and Nakamura.

With his unique presentation and wrestling styles, Nakamura has won hearts of many. All the way from Japan Nakamura has made his presence felt to the viewers. Performing on smack down Nakamura does not seem to of 37 years old though he is.