Alison Berns, Radio Personality And Howard Stern's Ex-Wife, Is Married To David Scott Simon

Alison Berns is a former American actress and a radio personality. She gained widespread fame following her roles in movies like U.S. Open Sores (1988), Private Parts (1997), and television film Negligee and Underpants Party. She grabbed huge attention after her marriage with the veteran radio personality and former America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern. The couple married from (1978-2001).

Following their divorce, Alison discontinued her professional life and decided to live a normal life as a wife and mother. She then got married to David Simon and has been living a happy married life with him. Want to know about her married life further? Stay with us.

Alison Berns' Married Life With Husband David Simon

Alison Berns didn't take much time after her divorce from Stern. Berns got married to David Scott Simon in 2001, the same year, her divorce with Howard Stern was also finalized. Her husband Simon is not involved with the acting or media field.

Berns has been living a happy married life with Simon for the last one and a half-decade and their relationship is getting stronger day after day. Their mutual understanding and unconditional love towards each other is the factor that has made them a strong couple.

She is retired from media and raising the young children she gave birth with her Ex-husband Howard Stern.

Alison Berns And Howard Stern: A Divorced Couple

Howard met Alison first time at Boston University. She was one of the colleague of Howard at that time. Howard used to make a student film at that time and he a s signed Alison for the new movie 'Transcendental Meditation'. Stern stated that within a week after their relationship began, he knew that he was going to marry her.

Howard and Alison married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline, Ma s sachusetts, on June 4, 1978; both were 24 years old bride and groom. Her husband Howard is often regarded as the 'King of All Media.' He was a judge on one of the popular talent show competitions America's Got Talent with Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and more.

The couple gave birth to three children together Emily Beth (1983), Debra Jennifer (1986), and Ashley Jade (1993). In October 1999, they decided to end their relationship. Howard stated that He was totally neurotic and sort of consumed with work and became a workaholic. The couple's divorce was confirmed in 2001.

After their divorce, they shared the joint custody of their three daughters. Years after their divorce, their daughter, Ashley Jade Stern opened up about their mental condition and the impact of their parents' divorce in an interview. 

When Howard was asked about her divorce, he said in an interview,

''My marriage ending blew my mind. I was upset that I failed and let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife. It was all very painful.''

He further added: 

Getting a divorce] felt like such a failure. It’s so complicated, and it’s hard for me even to figure out at this point what went wrong and how things that were so good could go so bad. It’s tough. I think I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to analyze that

Later Alison married David Simon while on the other side, Howard started dating American actress Angie Everhart, however, his relationship with Everhart didn't last more than months.

Several months later he began dating model and television host Beth Ostrosky whom he married in 2008.

Alison was happy with Howard, he introduced her to the industry, however, the couple separated. She used to appear on his show "The Howard Stern Show" while she was with him. As we know her career was influenced and inspired by Howard. Even though she seems to be happy with David.

Quick Facts Of Alison Berns

  • Alison Berns Stern was born on May 26, 1954, in Newton City, Newton, Ma s sachusetts.
  • Alison Berns was previously married to actor and America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern and gave birth to three daughters with him.
  • Berns stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Berns' current net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.
  • Her successful projects are U.S. Open Sores (1989) and Negligee and Underpants Party.


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