Alan Thickes Widow Reveals They Were Planning to Have Kid. Says Love between Them Was Immense

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 18 May,2017 Updated on 24 May,2017

The Canadian game and talk show host Alan Thicke died of myocardial infarction mid in December 2016.

Alan being an actor even was best known for his role in ABC series ‘growing pain’.

Source: Los Angeles times

After his death, his family issues became complicated. Alan’s widow in talk with media stated she never got chances to enjoy Alan’s riches but her love for him was immense and deeper. She also stated that they were planning a baby before Alan died.


Tanya Callau informed that after 11 years of their marriage the couple was planning for a baby in 2017.  The duo had frozen eggs three years earlier and was waiting for Alan’s youngest son Carter to take a move.

They had plans for a nursery in their Santa Barbara ranch early December last year before Alan suffered a massive heart problem and breathed his last.

Source: Dailymail

Tanya is accused of being greedy by sons Brenna and Robin Thicke. They say she is eyeing on Alan’s property and have filed a lawsuit.