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Anisley Harriott was born in London England belonging under black ethnicity and he is currently running 58 years old by his age. Professionally Harriott is popular being as an entertainer, TV presenter as well as his appearance and presentation styles within Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook made him to drag the attention of many of his fans from all across of the world. Harriott father and mother name is Peppy Harriott and Chester Harriott. Anisley was a very gentle boy in his childhood and his father was running a bakery shop where in his school time he used to learn making cakes by looking his acts of his father. Additionally his mother was also a helping hand within the bakery.

Anisley was not very intelligent student during his school time. He was very naughty and used to get punished by many teachers during his school time. He also got apprenticeship within the Varrey’s restaurant and later on he got into his professional career with comedy, singing and cooking at the same time. His works was appreciated by many of the people living and during the very time he released his hit record within the time of the year 1990. From the very time he was encouraged to get within the industry and along with this in the year 2008 of September within Who Do You Think You Are? As a doc u mentary series made him to obtain his popularity accordingly he was also into writing.

Anisley and his personal life are quite different than his professional career. Though he is popular with his acts and activities within the professional life his married life did not worked successfully and he got separated with the letter of divorce with his spouse. The name of his spouse whom he got married was Clare Fellows and he is the father of 2 children. By today’s time he is smart and intelligent enough to balance both of his personal and professional life and he is also a responsible father indeed. His spouse whom he got married after the long duration of affair is a costume designer by her profession and she was also popular being as a youngest sister of Graham Fellows who is also a popular comedian of the town. During November of 2012 this couple got separated and they ended their married life by making their announcement within the public and now he claims that he is single and no more interested being into the love zone with any of the girls mentioning as his girlfriends.

Anisley height is almost around 6 feet 3 inches in tall and his weight seems very heavy with his height. Looking to Anisley bio, his salary made him smart enough to reach top of his career and along with this net worth is 4 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 14 Feb, 2016

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