After The Death of Narcos Location Manager, Pablo Escobars Brother Urges Netflix for Security

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 19 Sep,2017 Updated on 18 Dec,2018

Almost a week after the death of Carlos Munoz portal who died scouting locations for Netflix's Narcos, Pablo Escobar’s brother Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria urged Netflix to change the security protocol.

The death has created panic among the Narcos stars.

Source: HollywoodReporter

CEO of Escobar Inc, Olof K. Gustafsson was quoted saying:

People are dying. It’s clearly not safe to film shows about drug lords.

Gaviria, earlier the lead accountant OF Medellin cartel was once the chief of the hitman.


In 1993, he was arrested and taken to prison. During his time in prison, he received a letter bomb that affected his eyes and ears making him half blind and half deaf.

I have survived many assassination attempts and kidnappings,” Gaviria said. “I am very experienced in survival and security protocols.

On the other hand, scared and threatened Gustafsson said, “We tried to contact Netflix after the news of Carlos Muñoz Portal passing last week to speak about their security issues with no response. I think it is important that they take care of this soon.”