After divorcing Deborah Shiling, Bernie Sanders Married to Jane O'Meara Sander. Know more about him

News by Clarence Published on 23 Feb,2017 Updated on 23 Feb,2017

Benard ‘Bernie’ Sanders, an American politician works as the junior US Senator for Vermont State. He is the longest serving independent in US congressional history who has been the Jr. Senator for last ten years.

Sanders is a central member of the independent party of US whose personal life is successful. He has been happily married to Jane O’ Meara, for a quite a long time.

Personal life of politician Bernie Sanders

The politician Bernie Sanders has faced many ups and downs in his personal life. Previously, he was married to Deborah Shilling, his college friend but parted from her after eighteen months of their marriage.

Image: Bernie Sanders and Jane O' Meara, his current wife

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In 1988, he married Jane O’ Meara, former president of Burlington College, Vermont. Since then, they have been enjoying in their marital life.

Sanders is a father of four children; one is from his extramarital affair with Susan Campbell Mott and three are his stepchildren from his current wife’s previous marriage. Moreover, he is a grandfather to seven grandchildren. 

Know more about Jane O’ Meara Sanders

Jane O’ Meara Sanders is an American educator, social worker, college administrator, and political advisor. She is a former president of Burlington College

Jane preceded Mary Paquette and Succeeded by Betsy Ferries. She has been a key advisor for Bernie, her husband for over the three decades.

Image: Sanders' happy family

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She is married twice; previously, she was married to David Driscol, IBM employee and separated from him after a couple of years. She has had three children with him and Bernie fathered them after marrying her.

Short information of the Politician

The 75-years-old politician is the current Jr. Senator for the Vermont State, who succeeded Jim Jeffords. He has been serving in the Jr. Senate, since 2007. Previously, he was the mayor of the state from 1981 to 1989.

In April 2015, he announced that he was seeking nomination for the Democratic Party. The longtime independent core member made the party switch largely out of political necessity. Then, analyst thought that he would be able to wrestle the Democratic nomination away from frontrunner Hilary Clinton.

However, Democratic members selected Hillary for the presidential nomination and he was out of the run of presidential election journey 2016.