Actress, of the movie 'Top Gun', Kelly McGillis attacked in her North Carolina Home

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 24 Jun,2016 Updated on 24 Jun,2016

A lady was captured after a reported attack on actress Kelly McGillis in her North Carolina home.

McGillis - maybe best known for her part alongside Tom Cruise in the 1986 movie Top Gun - said when she arrived home on the night of 17 June, her blamed attacker had been waiting for her inside the house. A young lady had been with the woman, as indicated by the actress with the net worth of  7.5 million dollars.

“[The woman] ran out after me and began punching and scratching my trying to grab the phone out of my hand,” McGillis wrote on her official Facebook Page. “I began screaming as loud as I could hoping someone somewhere might hear me.” 

As indicated by her account, the lady, distinguished by Henderson County Sheriff's agents as Laurence Marie Dorn, blamed McGillis for stalking her on Twitter before she started her attack.

“I got worried that there may be someone else in the house with house with her McGillis described. “We have quite a few guns and lots of ammo and that's when I started to panic. Thinking that if they have one of them I could be shot.”

The artist, who is married three times till date, kept running outside of her home and made various attacks to call 911 while being attacked.

She was at last ready to escape in her vehicle, flag down a bystander driver, and telephone crisis dispatchers.