Actress Linda Lusardi Reveals She Has COVID-19 Symptoms And Extremely Ill

News by Dabria Published on 19 Mar,2020 Updated on 19 Mar,2020

Linda Lusardi, 61, Revealed That She Might Be Positive For Coronavirus As She Is Extremely Ill And Has Similar Symptoms To COVID-19

  1. Linda opened up about the possible virus while responding to a fan request for a celebrity video message.
  2. Fans all over the world wished her for speed recovery.
  3. She was last seen at night out with her daughter Lucy and her boyfriend.

The former Page 3 girl has revealed that she is struggling with coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms-high fever, dry cough, and extreme body pain. She suggested she was positive while responding to a fan for a celebrity video message.

While replying to a fan, Linda said: 'Sorry, Kerry. I am extremely ill with Corona at the moment.' Fans immediately showed their concern and wished her to stay healthy.

CAPTION: Fans Response to Linda Lusardi's recent revelation that she might be positive for COVID-19 SOURCE: Daily Mail

Lusardi was last seen enjoying a night out with her daughter Lucy and her boyfriend, Jack Rowan. Linda is married to former Brookside, and Emmerdale actor Samuel Kane and the couple has two children together. Her son Jack is 21-year-old. 

CAPTION: Linda Lusardi with her husband Samuel Kane and two children Lucy and Jack SOURCE: The Sun

Coronavirus COVID-19 was first found in China, Wuhan, and has spread into the world since then. As of March 19, 2020, there are 219,032-total death toll 9,834 and total recovered 84,847.

As we are writing, as per Epic Virus, China has the highest death number, which is 3237, followed by Italy, 2909, and Spain 1169 death cases.