Actress and Writer Maria Bello Engaged to Her Chef Girlfriend Dominique Crenn

News by Joey Jordan Published on 11 Feb,2020

Openly Lesbian Actress Maria Bello Engaged to Chef Girlfriend Dominique Crenn

  • Actress Maria Bello got engaged to her French chef girlfriend, Dominique Crenn.
  • The happy couple announced their engagement at the Oscar party.
  • The Coyote Ugly actress revealed the pair got engaged on December 29, 2019.
  • Maria Bello, who previously dated producer Clare Munn, has a son, Jackson Blue McDermott, with ex-boyfriend Dan McDermott.

Actress and writer Maria Bello is over the moon! The gorgeous Coyote Ugly actress, 52, got engaged to her chef girlfriend, Dominique Crenn. The ecstatic couple announced their engagement at Elton John's annual Oscar party.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Bello mentioned,

We're pretty happy, considering that we just got engaged. So this is sort of our fun time out in Hollywood for the first time. It was very surprising and meant to be, but about time. I've finally grown up enough to get married.

Bello and Crenn announced they got engaged in Paris on December 29, 2019.  Bello further told E! News,

We're really excited about this new chapter. It's cool to be out together in Hollywood doing this thing I've been doing for 25 years, but with somebody, I really enjoy doing it with. Dom's a chef so we've been to some of her things, but not to Hollywood things.

Bello previously dated screenwriter Dan McDermott and a producer Clare Munn. Bello revealed she was dating Munn in 2013. She gave birth to a son, Jackson Blue McDermott, with McDermott.

In 2015, Bello wrote a book titled Whatever...Love is Love: Questioning the Labels, We Give Ourselves exploring the sexual fluidity.