A Tornado Touches Down In Yuba County, California

News by Joey Jordan Published on 22 Mar,2018 Updated on 22 Mar,2018

A Rare Tornado Touched Down In Yuba County In Northern California On Wednesday

  • A  rare tornado hit near Arboga area Wednesday after the National Weather Service issued a warning.
  • Many thunderstorms incapable of producing tornado moved through the area.
  • The NWS said that the tornado arrived 2 miles northeast of Arboga at around 6:34 pm on Wednesday evening.

The Sacramento citizens saw what they hadn't seen for years on Wednesday evening: a tornado touching down in Yuba County.

The people told CBS13 that the tornado came directly overhead and it disappeared within 15 minutes. The National Weather Service alarmed a tornado warning for Yuba County for around 6:30 on Wednesday evening.

An eyewitness, Sonny McCray told CBS,

When I come outside, all I seen was the black cloud lifting. It was moving pretty fast. It was headed toward Loma Rica.

CBS reported that the Yuba County Sheriff's Department got the notification at 6:36 p.m. Neal Houston, Yuba County Sheriff's Department Seargent said,

We received a National Weather Service alert for possible tornadoes entering Yuba County.

Another witness Brian Amsbaugh took his mobile out and shot a video of a tornado forming his home. He said,

I could see a shelf cloud forming. I could also see a distinct tail it hitting the ground reaching the field.

Sgt. Houston reported no injuries and damages in the area, however, according to the National Weather Service, there was minor damage to Toyota Amphitheater in Wheatland.