A Tomb in India Where People Offer Cigarettes Instead of Incense and Flowers

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Jan,2018 Updated on 28 Jan,2018

There is a tendency to offer flower, incense, baskets etc. in the premises of the tomb. But in a district in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, few people offer cigarettes instead of flowers, incense, and baskets.

The tomb belongs to a Christian soldier named Wells. Well, people of all religions, including Hindu and Muslim take a visit to the graveyard and offer the tomb of Wells with cigarettes.

Source: Imatin

They lit cigarettes and offer to the tomb-like as offering incense sticks. It is situated in Lucknow's Musawag, which was earlier a deserted place. But now there is a vegetable warehouse.

Earlier, before independence, british  ruled Musawag and that is the reason why the cementry was build. During the military revolt of 1857, the British army building collapsed and the Captain Wells was shot dead.
Wells was fond of ciggerette and alcohol when he was alive.

Source: TheAtlantic

This believe made people offer his tom with cigerettes. Infact many couples visit the tomb and offer cigerettes. 
Wales was a cigarette and a liquor of alcohol. Based on the same belief, there is a belief that the cigarette is offered.