A Sudanese Teenager Noura Hussein Sentenced To Death For Stabbing Her "Rapist Husband'

News by Joey Jordan Published on 11 May,2018 Updated on 11 May,2018

A Sudanese Teenager, Noura Hussein, 19, Sentenced To Death For Killing Her Husband After He Raped Her-Sudanese Constitution Says Marital Rape Is Legal

  • A 19-year-old Sudanese girl is sentenced to death for fatally stabbing her husband after he raped her.
  • The teenager Noura Hussein claimed she was forcibly married to the man who reportedly raped her while her relatives held her down.
  • Hussein's supporters filled the courtroom and outside the hall as the judge sentenced Noura to the death penalty Thursday.
  • Her husband's family rejected the possible financial compensation and requested that she be executed instead.
  • Hussein legal team has now 15 days to appeal in the high court.

Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old Sudanese girl, has been sentenced to the death penalty by the Omburman court on Thursday, 10th May. Hussein was charged with fatally stabbing her husband who she said raped her while his relatives held her down.

The death penalty was announced by the judge after Noura's husband's family refused the possible financial support. Instead, they asked for her to be executed.

CAPTION: Noura Hussein sentenced to death for killing her 'rapist husband' SOURCE: BBC

Noura's case has drawn huge attention as the legal age of marriage is 10, and marital rape is legal. The case has got widespread attention on social media as well-a campaign Justice for Noura has been trending on Twitter.

A huge crowd of people filled the courtroom in Omburman and overflowed into the hall outside while the judge announced the verdict on Thursday. Hussein's legal team can appeal in the high court within 15 days.

Many supporters of Noura have taken the stand against the verdict on Twitter:

Hussein told to her supporters after her initial sentence:

It was a shocking moment when the judge convicted me with the murder. I knew then that I [would] be executed, leaving my dreams unfulfilled.

Noura's family forced her to marry at 15, but Hussein ran away from her husband's home and took refuge to her aunt for three years. However, she had to return to her home after her father tricked and handed over to her husband's family.