A School Girl In America Was Stopped From Playing Basketball Because She Wears Hijab

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 20 Mar,2017 Updated on 22 Aug,2017

A Muslim girl aged 16 was stopped to play basketball in America because she used to put on hijab while playing the game. Studying in 10th standard in Maryland, Gaithersburg her name is je'Nan Hayes. she was restricted from playing regional high school championship.

Hayes played 24 games in the series without any objection but recently the school administration objected on her play while wearing hijab.

Hayes stated that she was upset and emotional with this act by the school management along with the coach. On the other hand, her coach Adam says; " I don't want to look at her and explain to her why she cannot play".

 She had worked out and practiced for the games and now when she is banned from playing the tournament nobody cares about her talent but her religion. the state rules say Hayes has to submit a documented evidence to cover her head as part of the religious purpose in order to play further.