A Man Kills Five Including His Wife Before Shooting Himself To Death

News by Joey Jordan Published on 13 Sep,2018 Updated on 21 May,2019

A southern California man killed five people including his wife before he turned the gunpoint to him.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told that an unidentified man, who went with his wife to a trucking company in Bakersfield, California, shot and killed a man and then he shot his wife to death.

The sheriff further said the man chased a man from the trucking company and shot him in front of a nearby sports store.

CAPTION: Southern California man shot five people to death before killing himself SOURCE: USA Today

Later, the gunman killed two men at a residence before he hijacked a woman's car where the woman and her child escaped the vehicle. The sheriff's deputy saw him and confronted him, but he shot himself in the chest to death.

Lieutenant Mark King of the Kern County sheriff's office released a statement saying:

We have six deceased, one is the suspect and five are victims. We believe it's possibly a domestic violence incident.

The incident took place in around 10-15 minutes. Police received the first call at around 5:19 in the evening and they responded to the location. 

Around 30 people witnessed the shooting who were called to the County Sheriff's office for the interview