A High School Soccer Player And A Referee Barely Survive After A Light Pole Topples Into The Ground

News by Joey Jordan Published on 12 Mar,2019

High School Soccer Player And A Assistant Referee Knocked Down To The Floor After A Light Pole Falls In The Ground

  • A high school soccer player and a referee injured after a light pole hit them during a match in Arkansas.
  • The light pole toppled due to strong wind on Saturday, 9th March.
  • The referee suffered a broken leg while the player had cuts in his head and legs.
  • Students from Mena and Dardenelle high schools were playing the game while the pole fell into the ground.

A high school student and a soccer referee were nearly killed when a light pole fell into the ground during a high school soccer game in Clarksville, Arkansas.

CAPTION: Light Pole falls and hits a high school player and referee SOURCE: Daily Mail

The wooden light pole toppled from a strong wind which ended up crashing to the ground barely missing players and match officials standing nearby. 

The accident could have been even worse if the pole had fallen a few seconds earlier as several players were standing in the exact spot the lighting ring smashed.

The referee suffered a broken leg, who managed to escape as he saw the pole falling while the player had cuts in his legs and head. Both the injured were taken to the hospital in Clarksville and the doctors confirmed the injuries weren't life-threatening.

Following the incident, the school canceled the tournament and closed the field. David Hopkins said the school district will investigate the exact cause of the incident.