A Girl Died At Western Australias Famous Beach Of Shark Attack

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 17 Apr,2017 Updated on 18 Sep,2017

A girl aged 17 years died of a shark attack on Western Australia’s south coast.

As reported by the police, three kilometers east of Wyllie Bay, the girl and her father were surfing when she was attacked at a popular surf break.

Police have confirmed her death because of injuries. Department of Fisheries will be patrolling the beach on Tuesday. Till then the beach remains closed. The teenager was treated primarily at the beach who later died.

Names are still not disclosed. A surfer in 2014 lost his arm in a shark attack on the same beach. shark attacks are the major issue to be discussed. every year the count goes to 70 people when it comes to surveying the shark attacks worldwide.                            

Between 1958 to 2016, it is estimated that 2,899 shark attack are confirmed around the globe according to the international shark attack files.