A Dog Appointed For a Special Task in American Museum of Fine Arts

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 19 Jan,2018 Updated on 19 Jan,2018

Dogs are not only loyal but also the most trusted companion of people.

There was a time when dogs were brought home and human’s favorite pet but these days they also serve the world for security reasons as military organizations are also using dogs in research.

Source: TheScientist

Today, we are going to discuss a case where a dog has stolen all the limelight for some strange works. A few days ago, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in America has admitted having appointed a relay dog as a staff.

The relay dog is not for the safety of the museum, but the artwork placed in the museum. The dog is appointed to protect the artworks from insects and spider web.

Source: TimeMagazine

Through a press conference, the company has given information about the Relay Dog. The dog has been appointed after being trained to fight insects.

This news of a dog serving security purpose has definitely amazed the world.