A 89-years-old man, who loves digging, digs his own grave

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 27 Nov,2016 Updated on 27 Nov,2016

A business owner from Prince Edward Island, Canada has been lately known for his bizarre decision of digging his own grave. 89-year-old Jimmy Kickham used his own Massey Ferguson digger, bought 45 years back, to dig his grave!

The Canadian told an interviewer that he might be the only one in the whole Canada who has done such a strange act. He even said how proud he was for doing that. I love digging, is what the old man had to say in an interview with CBC

You may be surprised to know that Jimmy only did the digging as he loves to do so but has been living happily, is happily married, and is loved by his children.  and has no wish of leaving the world anytime soon.

Kickham  proudly said the work was completed within an hour and 45 minutes. He left home with his family members at 6 in the evening and swiftly accomplished the task by 7:45. The ‘very cool’ man didn’t miss on saying how badly he wants  an old  school burial.