9 Year Old Boy With Down Syndrome Singing Whitney Houston Video Goes Viral

News by Arya Pokhrel Published on 31 Jul,2017 Updated on 31 Jul,2017

A video showing an adorable 9-year-old Texas boy with Down syndrome singing his heart out to Whitney Houston recently went viral making millions of new fans.

The newest internet sensation, Dane Miller sang Houston’s hit 1992 song “I Have Nothing” while his aunt captured the moment during a recent car ride.

"We did just watch a documentary on her about a month ago, and so he started downloading some of her songs and that was the one he just got stuck on," said Dane’s mother, Danna Miller.

The viral Facebook video crossed 15 million views at last check and Dane’s mother said she can't believe the response the video has gotten.

"Just reading the comments, they're so sweet. I get emotional. Even some other families that have Down syndrome children have posted pictures of their kids," she said.

dane millers family

Danna said that she and her husband have created a YouTube channel named, “Amazing Dane” to document the young boy’s music and the reactions from the public to his newly-found fame.