70-year-old Woman Falls From Grand Canyon's South Rim

News by Luna Published on 24 Apr,2019 Updated on 24 Apr,2019

Seventy Years Old Woman Fell To Her Death From 200 Feet At The Grand Canyon’s South Rim Yesterday (Tuesday)’s Afternoon.

  • Seventy years old woman fell from 200 feet to death at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.
  • On April 3, 67 years old man fell over the edge of the canyon, and his body was found 400 feet below the rim.
  • In late March, 50 years old tourist from Hong Kong also fell into the canyon.

Just after 1 p.m., Grand Canyon National Park rangers received reports that a person needed help near Pipe Creek Vista. The reported woman fell from the rim before the rescue efforts started.

The technical rescue team, who used the helicopter to find the woman’s body, had fallen around 200 feet below the rim. The group of fifteen people worked together to recover the body later on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman’s name and family notifications had not been released as of Tuesday.

CAPTION: The Grand Canyon's South Rim SOURCE: NBCNEWS

The incident has now been added to a string of death which has happened at Canyon in the recent weeks. On April 3, Park Rangers were informed that 67 years old man had fallen over the edge of the canyon. His body was found about 400 feet below the rim.

In the late March, 50 years old tourist from Hong Kong also fell into the canyon which he was trying to capture pictures at Grand Canyon West. The Grand Canyon West is an area located on Hualapai Indian Reservation west of the national park.

On 26th March, a body was found in the wooded area south of the Grand Canyon Village away from the rim. The Associated Press reported that the body was identified as a possible foreign visitor.

The officials have reminded the visitors to stay on the designated trails and walkways and maintain distance from the edge of the rim.