7-Month-Pregnant Teen Diagnosed With Incurable Brain Tumor; Given Three Months To Live

News by Joey Jordan Published on 21 Dec,2017 Updated on 21 Dec,2017

A 17-year-old Pennsylvania girl Dana Scatton is a 7-month pregnant but she couldn't be excited as other pregnant women. Sounds weird but Scatton was tragically diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor on earlier December. 

Scatton and her 21-year-old boyfriend have already chosen a beautiful name for their girl, Aires, but as the delivery date reaching near, the couple is becoming more anxious rather than being happy and excited.

Dana Scatton and her 21-year-old boyfriend

Dana Scatton and her 21-year-old boyfriend 

Source: Unilad

Doctors have given her three to nine months to live after her diagnose with the diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), highly critical and aggressive type of brain tumor.

Each year, approximately 300 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US. However, there's still no effective development in treatment yet so; there is very few chance of Scatton's survival.

Scatton's brother, JJ, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his sister and niece-to-be. JJ has written

Any amount can make a difference, but if you're not in a position to donate, we ask that you please pray for Dana and baby Aries.

He added,

The funding that we receive will go towards Dana's treatment, and any treatment necessary for Aires.

Doctors have reportedly trying to press to deliver the baby within weeks so that Scatton could start a radiation therapy immediately, which could prolong her life to nine months and also abates the risk in the baby's health.