7 Mistake in Interview

Article by Published on Updated on 27 Sep, 2021

Interviewing is done before anyone gets the job in the desired company. Job interview is a must when the companies decide whether to accept you as an employee or not. Job interviews are mostly frustrating and annoying for the people who are untrained or likely quite disappointing when people at most of the situations get nervous and tensed. There is a high flow of blood from the heart to the arteries and consequently the lungs start pumping harder than they used to and is really gets all messed up just because we are going to be examined verbally at most specific and decent way. People mostly make many mistakes when they are preparing themselves for the interview. Interview for most of the people prove to be harder and a difficult task then we imagine and finally we are more likely to get rejected. So, here are some listed problems people faces before going to an interview. Here are the major seven problems people faces before going to an interview.

1. Aimless Search – Not knowing their qualities

People most likely send resumes to various companies without knowing their appropriate place for seeking a job that suits them best, consequently this will lead to nothing but waste of time. That is why it is very important to look for a job that suits you best and a job in what you can deliver your best before sending the resumes unknowingly. By doing this you will have a wider consciousness of what you are doing and for what you are applying or decisions like whether to apply or not.

2. Interviewing Habits – A must

Most of the people lose their aim of achieving the job because of the stupid behavior with the person literally known as interviewer. People don’t understand what they must speak and what they must not. Most people seat themselves as in their home which in turn leads to bad impression on interviewer. People must know about their body language because they lead to reflecting their way of behaving and thinking too.

3. Previous Employer left, but why?

Most of the interviewees get stuck at the question “why did they leave their previous employer?” and the answer of this comes quite often in an odd way, most of the time criticizing about their boss in general. So, if you have to face this question, the appropriate way of answering is that “I am searching for new opportunities and looking forward to broaden myself and my career.

4. Job Fairs are not needed???

People do not attend the job fairs and feel as if they are showing themselves up as a desperate employee and have nothing to do or are aimless. In general, great jobs are advertised in these kind of Job fairs and they give us quite better chances and services than that we could even imagine of.

5. Unprofessional Dressing up!!

When going in an interview people must know what to wear and what not to. People get stuck with these and eventually wear a sexy and hot dress that either shows them to be a model than the people going for an interview. Males makes similar mistakes by wearing an informal dress and not presenting themselves as a gentleman. These kind of unprofessional dresses at most increase your chances of getting rejected.

6. Never forget to Follow Up

People even after having a perfect interview most of the times forget to follow up their employer.They must follow up after leaving from their by sending a more detailed information page consisting of the qualities they have and presenting their skills with a follow up email of not more than three to four paragraphs.This creates an awareness to the employer that you are ready to be employed and saying a thanks to the entire staff of the employers’ place for their time.

7. A Long Resume – No interest

Even if you are quite satisfied with your long resume about your education , skills etc. your employer might not be. The very long resume people send along with their CV’s might sometimes prove to be harmful to they themselves. Focusing on the specific achievements we can easily create a resume not more than 2-3 pages containing all the important tasks done by you up to now.

Above disscussed are the major mistakes people make while giving an interview and which may lead to them not getting appointed. So, in my openion if people do keep these things in mind they will surely or let's say more likely get the job.

Focus on your aim , do your deed and I am sure you will succeed.


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