69-years-old journalist Andrea Mitchell is happily married for 19 years now. Who is her husband?

News by Clarence Published on 21 Oct,2021 Updated on 21 Oct,2021

Andrea Mitchell, 69, is an American versatile journalist, anchor, reporter, and commentator for NBC News in Washington, DC-born on 30th October 1946. She has been with NBC News since 1978. She currently serves as the NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent.

Andrea Mitchell’s husband and married life

Andrea Mitchell was first married to Gil Jackson and divorced in 1970. However, this couple doesn't have any children together.

Later, she found the soulmate of her life Alan Greenspan in 1984, 27 years after her divorce. They dated for a long period of about 13 years and got married in 1997. Alan was an American economist who served as a chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States.

 Though it’s almost 19 years of their togetherness, they still do not have children. Alan was previously married to Joan Mitchell in the year 1952 but got divorced after just one year of their marriage. Both Andrea and Alan have no records of children from their previous marriages.

There was a rumor that the couple is likely to get separated just because Andrea wanted children and Alan didn’t.  The NBC News reporter tried several times to convince her husband to adopt a child but Greenspan was not ready for the child who is in his 90’s.

Due to this conflict between husband and wife, they both decided to get separated but have not finalized their decision and are still living together.

Early Life of the Journalist

Mitchell was born in New Rochelle, New York, to Cecile and Sydney Mitchell. Her father was the CEO of a furniture manufacturing company. Her mother was an administrator at the New York Institute of Technology. Mitchell is a graduate of New Rochelle High School.

Mitchell holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania. She served as a reporter at KYW at the beginning of her career after her graduation.

She worked for CBS affiliate WTOP in Washington DC. She also served as a general correspondent for NBC’s network. The family currently resides in New York.