41 People Died After An Aeroflot Caught Fire During Emergency Landing At Moscow Airport

News by Joey Jordan Published on 06 May,2019 Updated on 06 May,2019

Moscow Plane Crash: 41 People Died After The Airplane Caught Fire During Emergency Landing At Moscow Airport

  • Forty-one people died after an Aeroflot caught fire and burst into flames at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.
  • The airplane had just taken off from the airport before it made an emergency landing.
  • Survivors suggested the plane was struck by lightning, however, Russia's national carrier reported the plane returned to airport due to some technical reasons.
  • Authorities reported 37 people on board survived the crash among them, 33 were passengers and four members of the crew.

Forty-one people have lost their lives in a tragic plane crash in Moscow airport that occurred after the Aeroflot caught fire and burst into flames during an emergency landing. The plane had just taken off from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

The jet that carried 73 passengers and five crews on board was struck by lightning, one of the survivors said, however, Russia's national carrier said the plane returned to the airport because of some technical issues.

CAPTION: Rear part of the plane completely burnt in the fire SOURCE: BBC

Aircraft, a Sukhoi Superjet-100 took off from the airport to Murmansk at 6:02 local time. The crew sent a distress signal after "malfunctions" in the aircraft just a few minutes after the take-off and made an emergency landing. At the landing, the plane's rear side caught fire on the runway before it burst into flames.

One survivor, Petr Egorov told a newspaper that the "landing was rough" and he almost passed from fear. A newly emerged video showed passengers jumping from the airplane as the rear side of the plane caught fire and started to explode on the runway.



Yelena Markovskaya, an official involved in the investigation of the crash told,

There are 37 survivors-33 passengers and four members of the crew.

Sources reported, a flight attendant was also killed in the crash and five people are in a hospital where others remained unharmed.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered a special committee to investigate the horrific crash.