32 Years Nicole Arbour is still single or Married,Who is she Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs

News by Saburo Published on 17 Aug,2017 Updated on 04 Sep,2017

Multitalented Canadian actress Nicole Arbour has won millions of hearts is also a comedian, dancer, musician, singer and writer. She is also known as The World's Sexiest Comedian. She was also once in the controversy due to her former boyfriend Youtuber Matthew Santoro.

Has the actress found her new love? Is she dating anyone? Or she is already married? We have all answers here.

Is Nicole Arbour still single or Married? Know about her Nicole Arbour's dating history

Thirty-one years old Canadian actress Nicole Arbour is quite popular among the male community. Currently, the blonde beauty is not dating anyone officially and also she is not married to anyone. She is possibly single. 

Nicole Arbour


Previously, Arbour was in several relationships with several men. She was quite in controversies due to her relationship with his ex-boyfriend Matthew Santoro, a Youtube personality. Arbour and Santoro dated in back 2015. The Youtuber post a video, "My Abuse Story" on January 11, 2016, in which he claimed that the actress physically and emotionally abusive him, however, he didn't mention her name.

Watch video: Nicole Arbour ABUSED Matthew Santoro - Shocking Story

The video which was initially private was leaked after they broke up. In the video, Santoro claimed that Arbour manipulated him and even isolated him from family and friends due to her extremely jealous.

Nicole Arbour and Matthew Santoro

Nicole Arbour and Matthew Santoro


However, Arbour later responded with her video: "Heard the little bitch I dumped months ago is still trying to use me to get attention on his vlog channel. Ew."

According to some online sources, Arbour once dated Tavis Stanley. The pair started dating in 2008 but their relationship didn't last long and they got apart in 2009.

Nicole Arbour and Matt Webb

Nicole Arbour and Matt Webb


She then found her new love, JRDN after three years in 2011 and they broke up after a year of dating in 2012.  Arbour then falls for Matt Webb in the same year. Their relationship lasted for only two years and got separated in 2014.

Nicole Arbour's controversial video

Not only due to her boyfriend, the former cheerleader was also in another controversy due to her own video. She rose to controversy after post a video named "Dear Fat People" on September 2015 on her youtube channel.

She was highly criticised due to the video and some critics about claimed that she endorses fat shaming from the video. The video was deleted by now. She was later fired from her job.


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Arbour posted a video on her channel on September 16, 2015, defending herself about her controversial video, Dear Fat People. She said in the video "that video was made to offend's just satire."

Nicole Arbour Quick Facts

  • Arbour was born on June 26, 1985, in Hamilton, Canada.
  • He birth sign is Cancer. 
  • She started dancing and acting in theatre since her childhood.
  • She was also Captain of the Canadian All-Star Dance.
  • Nicole is also known as The World's Sexiest Comedian.
  • She was voted WIRED MAGAZINE'S Hottest Geek in 2009.
  • She is the former cheerleader for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.
  • Her first debut video was "Fun Revolution."