32 years long married life of reporter Sue Herera is going fine as her journalism career & net worth

News by Clarence Published on 08 Nov,2016 Updated on 08 Nov,2016

Born and raised in Brentwood, California Sue Herera is one of the most reliable and hard-working journalists for CNBC network is best known for NBC nightly news. Born on 15th of July in 1957, the CNBC's journalist graduated her college degree from California State University.

She is best known for her financial report on Russia and India and hosts a program called power lunch for CNBC news. She is a best financial reporter that ever walked in the green room of CNBC network who has covered economic fluctuation (Boost and market crashes all over the world). She has earned the title of being one of the top financial reporter of all times globally.

CNBC definitely knows how to protect their best intellectual property from moving into another network. Some of the facilities provided by the news network are Shuttle service, a nice home in the suburban area and a huge amount of salary which she can definitely not say no to.

So, if you have ever wondered how long Sue Herera has been married to, and what is the secret behind her professional success you are definitely in the right place because Today we are going to discuss all about her  salary, net worth, and professional career. So let's find about her personal life and professional life here in this column.

Into the personal life of Sue Herera

56 years old journalist is happily married with the love of her life and has three beautiful children. Her husband's name is Daniel Herera who she married in 1984 and the doctor-anchor duo is happily married even after more than 30 years of their marriage. Moreover, an insider reports that this thirty years strong couple going to renew their wedding vows once again so that their children can witness their parent's wedding day.

She has two adopted Chinese daughters and a son

In her visit to china for news reports coverage, she adopted two daughters. Victoria and Jacqueline (twins), and a son named Daniel. The family has recently shifted from LA to North Jersey which is fifteen miles from her workstation.

The family has a home in LA too which has to be evaluated to be around $1.5 million and the recent suburban specious sixties home worth around $500 thousand as confirmed by our sources. She thinks the North Jersey home is a perfect place to grow her children.

Sue Herera's Net worth and salary

Besides being an anchor she is a well-known columnist and writer as well her most common articles includes ‘ The Great Game’: The Story of Wall Street, and Women of the street: Making it on wall Street- the world’s toughest business. The royalties from publication houses and salary from CNBC adds up to make her salary figure pretty big. If we add up her two houses and CNBC's salary as well as the royalties she receives, her net worth reaches roughly around 5.5 to 6 million dollars.