3 Died And 8 Injured In A Horrific Truck Crash In Southern California

News by Joey Jordan Published on 30 Nov,2018 Updated on 30 Nov,2018

Three people killed and eight others injured after a fleeing pickup truck crashed near the Mexican border in Southern California.

The California Firefighter said the crash resulted in three people sustaining minor injuries where five others suffered major injuries.

The California Highway Patrol said that the crash occurred at around 4:30 on Thursday evening in Westbound Interstate 8 in Campo.

The truck, which had over 100 mph of speed had been chased by the Border Patrol agents who used a spike strip and the vehicle lost control and drove into an embankment. It is yet to be disclosed what embarked the chase.

Travis Garrow, the CHP spokesman Officer Travis Garrow reported a male driver and a female passenger in the cab of the truck, and nine men were in the bed.