22 deaths And Counting, the Ariana Grande Concert Was Catastrophic. Heres How Celebrities Reacted

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 23 May,2017 Updated on 24 May,2017

The death toll reached to 22 whereas 59 others were injured in the terror attack at Ariana Grande concert.

 The incident took place Monday night at Manchester Arena.

Source: Thenewindianexpress

 At 10:35 pm the concert ended and the explosion outside the concert hall was enormous. The attack was suspected to be carried out by one single man who was claimed to have died on the venue.

Source: The Telegraph

 With the heartbreaking news that ended a musical moment into the disaster was condemned by many of the celebrities including Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, Chris Evans and many others who felt the attack was miserable and catastrophic.

Here are the tweets by celebrities: 








































 Scooter Braun, Grande's manager in a statement, thanked those in Manchester who rushed towards danger to help save lives."

"We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families and all those affected in your hearts and prayers," he expressed.