21 years Sarah Grey is still single or dating someone,Who is her Boyfriend? All The Details

News by Saburo Published on 07 Jun,2017 Updated on 08 Aug,2017

It might come as a surprise that the Canadian actress, Sarah Grey is single! When someone who is as beautiful as her and still single and has no record of dating then there's alway a question about their sexuality. That is kind of prejudiced, but we are just stating what happens in daily life! So, is she straight or just not ready to dating anyone?

The question of about If I Stay actress's relationship has been raised more often than ever now as she has turned 21. Let's dig up the dirt!

21 Years Old Sarah Grey and Her Relationship

Even though the Power Ranger star Sarah has managed to keep her love life away from the media and fans, speculators are still trying to find information.

As far as we can tell, she is single and straight. Now, she could be dating someone in secret, meeting someone she likes this very moment, that's for her to answer, that is, if she ever wants to!

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Sarah Grey


'A Mother's Instinct'  actress has never been married or had the chance to be pregnant. Being a model and an actress is a difficult dual career to lead. Her career in acting and model has always been of more concern to her than her romantic life.

However, here's Sarah Grey on her Instagram with a guy


just a couple ah munki's

A post shared by Sarah Grey (@sarah_grey8) on

Can this guy be the one she is in a relationship with? She has mentioned the word couple in the post as well. And they seem to be comfortable with each other as well. The guy is Iain Belcher. He is also in the same biz. Well, they can be good friends too.

Anything is a possibility, it's Hollywood after all. Even though they are not dating right now, they could sometime soon. Let's hope everything turns out right. Now, let take a look at her career.

Sarah Grey and Her Career

Sarah Grey started her career in 2013 from the movie Cinemanovels where she has the role of Jennifer Beals' daughter Julia. The movie was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival. But this is not the only movie she has been in. She has appeared in Television series as well.

Sarah Grey

Sarah Grey


Here's a table to show movies and television series Sarah Grey's acted on


Year Movies Role
2013 Cinemanovels Julia
2013 Embrace Of The Vampire Young Charlotte
2014 For The Good Of The Company Short film
2017 Power Ranger Amanda


Year Title Role
2013 Almost Human Lila
2014 Bates Motel Young Norma
2015 The Wrong Girl Sophia Allen
2015 Liar Liar Vampire Caitlin
2016 iZombie Frankie
2016 Lucifer Rose
2016 The Wedding March Julie Turner
2016 Motive Nancy Bailin
2016 Wayward Pines Abigail
2016 Legends Of Tommorrow Courtney Whitmore
2016 Mommy's Secret Denise Harding


You might not recognize her in all the series and movies as she has acted in her young age as well. 

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