19-Year-Old Girl In London Killed And Stuffed In Fridge By Her Own UNCLE

News by Riya Published on 21 Jul,2017 Updated on 21 Jul,2017

An anonymous teenage girl was found stuffed in a freezer in Coombe Lane West, Kingston. She was reportedly murdered by her uncle who is now taken int custody after a concerned neighbor informed the Police.

As per the reports, the suspect allegedly slashed his 21-year-old step daughter's throat and killed his 19-year-old niece in West London.

The London Police initiated their investigation on earlier Wednesday after finding the chopped body inside a freezer in a 1.5 million pound home.


The concerned neighbor called the police to the address earlier Wednesday. The neighbor also said the suspect was trying to flee the city, however, the policemen reached the address on time and apprehended the suspect.

Initially, the police didn't found anything after the complete searching of the property which was reportedly under renovation, however, they later discovered the body of the teenager as the hospital staff alerted them to 21-year-old's knife wounds.

Two people along with the builder have been arrested from the scene under suspect who was reported to be working at the house.