18 Year Old College Freshman is Seven Months Pregnant and No One Can Believe It

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 05 Jan,2018 Updated on 24 Feb,2019

A South Carolina student, Reanna Stephens, is seven months pregnant and has a nonexistent bump.

Pregnancy reports of the 18-year-old musician went viral and because of her tiny bump, people accused her of pretending to be with a child for the sake of attention.

Replying back, Stephens told the US Weekly that she was not faking it. She added:

This baby is a gift from God and I am so blessed. He is growing and moving every single day.

CAPTION: 18-year-old college student ashamed for alleged fake bump SOURCE: Us Weekly

She appears to be a freshman and currently resides in South Carolina. Stephens is expecting the baby in April. When she was asked about her toned belly even after seven months pregnant, she answered, her toned belly is the result of her vegan diet, light cardio, and yoga.

Stephens also mentioned the cause to be genetics. Talking about her mother’s case she said:

My mother was in a similar situation when she was pregnant. She was an athlete and she didn’t show until she was seven months pregnant. Although I’m much smaller than her, I believe being active has a part to play in the size of your bump.”

Source: USWeekly

When Stephens was asked about her weight, she confirmed that she has gained only 5 pounds. Stephens is going through a regular ultrasound and her child is of perfect length and weight.