10 Awesome Facts You Dont Know About International Space Station

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 30 Mar,2018 Updated on 30 Mar,2018

19 years ago, Russia launched a Proton –K rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and two weeks later the takeoff NASA launched Unity.

Carrying a history to remember, these two launches were the first two modules of the international space station. Well, these details must have made you think about what a space station can do and what are its limitations.

CAPTION: Facts about the International Space Station SOURCE: The Sun

So here we bring you 10 surprising facts about International space station that will keep you amazed and interested to surf more about it.
1. The international space station was built with 136 space flights set on seven different types of launch vehicles.
2. Flying at the speed of 4.791 miles per second that is 7.71 km/s, the space station is fast enough to go to the moon and back in about a day. (seems like the space station’s flying speed inspires Marvel's superheroes)
3. Now you have analyzed the speed of the space station; you must be thinking what it might weigh? It weighs almost 1 million pounds that includes some visiting space crafts.
4. Another amazing fact about the space station is it uses 8 miles long wire that connects the electrical power system. That is absolutely insane.
5. To your surprise, this fact will drive you crazy as the international space station has a complete surface area the size of a US football field and covers a space equal to a 6 bedroom house. The space station has two bathrooms, a gymnasium, and a 360-degree bay window. Now that is luxury in space.

6. During an interview, NASA revealed that 52 of the computers in their lab are controlling the international space station with more than 1.5 million lines of flight software codes running on 44 of the computers that transfer 400,000 signals.

7. Since 2000, the ISS crew members have eaten 25,000 meals which is equal to seven tons of supplies per 3 astronauts for six months. (I wonder what they have been eating, McDonald's I guess)

8. So far 211 people from 15 countries have visited the International space station and the count will exceed every year.

9. Its internal pressurized volume is 32,333 cubic feet, which is about the same of a Jumbo Boeing 747.

10. When the International space station gets aged and reaches the end of its life, some modern modules of them will be reused to build the 3rd space station supporting interplanetary mission to Mars, Saturn and the moon.