Larry Nassars 175-Year imprisonment Is Really Not Enough: Aly Raisman

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 30 Jan,2018 Updated on 30 Jan,2018

The 23-year-old gymnast, Aly Raisman, who carries the pride of being strong mentally and physically has spoken about Larry Nassar recently in an interview.

Raisman, who is the second most decorated gymnast of all time, recently revealed the accounts of sexual abuse supported by 100 other women who faced harassment by the 45-year old doctor Larry Nassar.

Source: USMagazine

On January 25, at the #AerieREAL Role Models event on Thursday, USMagazine in talks with the dancing with the star alum, Raisman, asked her about the 175 years imprisonment to the doctor, Larry Nassar, was right or not?
To which Raisman answered:

You know what, someone brought this up the other day and they said he’s going to jail for almost like a year for each survivor, so when you put it in that perspective, it’s really not enough. It would be like for the abuse he did there’s been so many girls that have come forward. It’s like he got one year for each person like that’s not enough, you know what I mean?

Raisman, who faced the sexual abuse during her Olympics days, continued to speak of herself setting an example for all those women who need to voice such abuse.

He’s gonna die in jail but any number is never enough. But I’m glad because so many people are watching and I hope that it does set an example to all the other abusers out there that their time is up and that abuse is never okay.

Nassar who was accused of sexual misconduct by over 130 women and girls was pleaded guilty in November 2017. He has been sentenced to 175 years of imprisonment.