Donald Trump Hit on My Wife- Actor Billy Baldwin

News by Riya Published on 24 Nov,2017 Updated on 24 Nov,2017

Snapping back at a tweet concerning Sen. Al Franken, actor Billy Baldwin, on Thursday, accused President Donald Trump saying he once ‘’ hit on my wife’’ at a Manhattan hotel. Baldwin called the president a ‘’ 5th-degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.’’

Baldwin revealed the information after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about new sexual misconduct allegations against Franken citing a Huffingpost report. Four women have come forward with accusations against Franken the past week.

Billy Baldwin on Donald Trump Jr.

Baldwin replied to the president’s son with the ‘’ black belt’’ status remarked and recalling the incident when Trump ‘’crashed’’ his party at the Plaza Hotel and then hit on his wife until ‘’ she showed his fat ass the door.’’ However, the actor didn’t write what year the incident happened; Trump bought the hotel in 1988. 

Actor Billy Baldwin has been married to singer Chynna Philips since 1995; she is with the band, Wilson Philips. They have three children.  

Billy Baldwin and His Wife

Billy Baldwin With his wife 

However, Trump has publicly bragged about hitting on a married woman in the ‘’Access Hollywood’’ tape that caused an uproar back in 2016.

In the tape he talked about being attracted to a certain married woman adding he ‘’ moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there; she was married.’’ Trump also said that when you are a celebrity, ‘’ you can do anything… grab them by the pussy.’’

Donald Trump Access Hollywood Tape

Donald Trump Acess Hollywood Tape

Sixteen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct so far. The president is being sued by Summer Zervos, a contestant on The Apprentice, Trump’s former reality TV show for defamation as Trump called her a liar when she accused him of groping her. 

President Trump has slammed Billy Baldwin’s brother, Alec Baldwin, for his portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. 
Most responses To Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet line with Baldwin’s, with the Twitterverse calling out Trump Jr’s hypocrisy. One Twitter user even called the president the ‘’ Holy Grail’’ of sexual misconduct.