Columbia FIFA World Cup 2014

The Colombia National Football Team represents Colombia in the international football arena which is operated by Colombian Football Federation. The team are represented from the emblem of Colombian Football Federation / Federacion Colombiana de Futbon(FCF). It has a red football in the middle guarded by tri colors, RBG and the name of association. Currently ranked 8th on FIFA Ranking, the team is nicknamed as Los Cafeteros (The Cofee Growers) and Tricolor. The Team plays from CONMEBOL (South America) confederation. Jose Pekerman is the Head Coach of the team. The Colombian squad is captained by Mario Yepes. The Players will be decorated in the tricolor jersey with prominent yellow following its trend designed by adidas.

Colombia Started its first official matches in 1938 Central American and Caribbean Games. It made its FIFA debut the year 1962. Colombia suffered over three World Cup cycles from 2002-2010 falling from its grades but today it has established itself as a strong team. There are 23 names assigned by the Colombian Coach for playing in soccer world cup 2014. The squads for Colombia  fifa world cup 2014 are Goal Keepers: David Ospina (1), Camilo Vargas (21), Faryd Mondragon (22), Defenders:  Cristian Zapata (2), Mario Yepes (3), Santiago Arias (4), Pablo Armero (7), Eder Alvarez Balanta (16), Juan Camilo Zuniga (18), Carlos Valdes (23), Midfielders: Carlos Carbonero (5), Carlos Sanchez (6), Abel Aguilar (8), James Rodriguez (10), Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (11),  Fredy Guarin (13), Victor Ibarbo (14), Alexander Mejia (15) , Juan Fernando Quintero (20) and Forwards: Teofilo Gutierrez (9), Carlos Bacca (17), Adrian Ramos(19) and Jackson Martinez (21).

Colombia National Soccer team is in the group-C of the 2014 FIFA World Cup List along with Japan, Cote D’Ivoire and Greece. Colombia will be playing against these countries in the group in the Qualifier round for quarter finals in 2014 FIFA. Colombia has not received any major achievements in FIFA World Cup since its debut if you look upon the History. However, Colombian Team has gradually increased their performance making them one of the popular and passionate teams.

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List of Football Player of Columbia FIFA World Cup 2014