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Zharick León is a Colombian actress and model who is best known for her roles in telenovelas like Dora La Celadora, Pasión de Gavilanes and Doña Bell. Her role in Pasión de Gavilanes made her a big se*ual icon in South America.

In 2010, she was honoured as Actress of the Year at the Latin Pride International Awards for her role as Bella Cepeda in Doña Bella. She also played Yoli in the 2018 show Garzón Vive, starring alongside Santiago Alarcon and Cecilia Rivera Navia.

The Twist And Turns OF Zharick León Married Life

Zharick León is a Colombian actress and model, best known for her roles in Doña Bella, Pasión de Gavilanes, and Los Ajenos Fútbol Club. She has been married twice, first to Nicolás Reyes in 2010 and then to Martín Karpan in 2007.

León and Reyes married in 2010 and divorced in 2011. The couple had no children together. Then she met Karpan married in 2007 and had a son, Luciano, in 2008. The couple divorced in 2009. However, she is currently dating José Rodrigo Bonilla.

CAPTION: Zharick León and her ex-husband Martín Karpan who were the famous couple and the father of Leon son Luciano. SOURCE: Twitter

León has had a varied and successful career as an actress and model, but her married life has been less successful. Despite this, she has managed to find love again and is currently in a relationship.

Zharick León's journey as a mother began with the arrival of her son Luciano.. As a doting and loving mother, she has cherished the joys of motherhood, nurturing her child with immense love and care. Additionally, Zharick was in a relationship with José Rodrigo Bonilla, with whom she shares a beautiful daughter named Levana Bonilla León.

Zharick León's Divorced Settlement With Her Ex-Husband Martín Karpan

Zharick León at the time of her marriage to Martín Karpan, Zharick León had a net worth of approximately $100,000, while Martín Karpan had less than $5,000. During the marriage, they experienced financial losses, and at a pretrial conference in November 1997, Leon agreed to take the property and the debt associated with it.

At the time of the trial in April 1998, a change in the matrimonial property law had occurred, which meant that both parties were equally responsible for any losses incurred during the marriage.

: Zharick León and her daughter Levana Bonilla León. SOURCE: Instagram

Cori was aware of this change but had not taken any steps to challenge Leon's position. Leon's lawyer commented on the lack of effort by Cori to prepare for the impending legal battle. Cori was in a difficult financial situation, owing $7,500 to one law firm, and the second firm for over a hundred billable hours.

In addition, she may have been responsible for half of the loss incurred during the marriage for the farming operation and may have been ruled responsible for Leon's legal costs, which were approximately $30,000-$40,000.

Zet Worth and Achievements OF Zharick León

Zharick León's talent and hard work have not only earned her critical acclaim but have also contributed to her financial success. She boasts an estimated net worth of around $1 million, a testament to her thriving career.

León made her film debut in Doa Bella and has since had roles in El baile de la Vida, Pasión de Gavilanes, Operación Pacfico, Garzón viva, La Promesa, La Ruta Blanca, La Pola, Los Ajenos Ftbol Club, La Promesa, and Alborada Carmes.

The Rise to Stardom OF Zharick León

In the enchanting realm of show business, the glimmering spotlight often seeks out a lone star, and for Zharick León, that brilliant moment arrived with the emergence of "Pasión de Gavilanes."

This Colombian masterpiece, gracing screens in 2004, not only captured the hearts of its viewers but also bestowed upon Zharick an aura of resplendent acclaim for her extraordinary embodiment of the mesmerizing character, "Rosario Montes."

Zharick León a famous model and actress who has worked in numerous movies and TV show to make her fame as an impressive actress. SOURCE: Instagram

Her performance etched an indelible tapestry in the hearts of audiences, garnishing her with accolades and rendering her name an echo in countless households across South America. Zharick León's bewitching portrayal in "Pasión de Gavilanes" not only unveiled her acting virtuosity but also elevated her to the stature of a revered icon, radiating allure and captivating hearts throughout the continent.

It is essential to recognize that her talent extended far beyond her physical appearance, as her exceptional acting skills were the true essence of her success. Emboldened by her success in Colombia, Zharick León set her sights on broader horizons and sought to showcase her talents on the international stage. 

Notable Projects OF Zharick León

Throughout her illustrious career, Zharick León has graced the screens with numerous unforgettable performances. In her debut project "Doña Bella," Zharick's exceptional portrayal of Bella captured the hearts of viewers, setting the stage for her future success.

Zharick's role in "Los Ajenos Fútbol Club" showcased her versatility as an actress and further solidified her position in the entertainment industry. Her involvement in "Decisiones: Unos ganan, otros pierden" exhibited her ability to portray complex characters with depth and emotion

Early Life And Background OF Zharick León

Born on November 17, 1974, in the enchanting city of Cartagena, Colombia, Zharick Andrea León Villalba embarked on a journey that would make her an icon in the realm of Colombian entertainment. While the identity of her parents remains a mystery, Zharick's Colombian descent is a testament to her rich cultural heritage.

Determined to pursue her dreams, she attended Javeriana University, where she earned a degree in social communication and journalism. Equipped with knowledge and passion, she ventured into the world of acting and modelling, ready to conquer new horizons.

The multitalented actress Zharick León family. SOURCE: Instagram

As Zharick León continues to grace screens and stages with her presence, her legacy remains etched in the hearts of her fans and colleagues alike. Her unwavering dedication to her craft, combined with her mesmerizing talent, has paved the way for future generations of aspiring actors. 

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