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Zach Roerig was born with his birth name as Zachary George “Zach” Roerig who was born in February 22, 1985. This 31 years old personality was born in Montpelier, Ohio of United States. Zach is an actor by his profession and from the year 2004 he is active into the industry with the successful working and presentation within the top ranked films like As the World Turns where he got portrayed with the character as Casey Hughes. His mother name is Dan Roerig and father name is Andrea Roerig. Zach is eldest having a younger sister whose name is Emily. Zach parents were working as a farmer as their family occupation.

Zach became a part of Barbizon Modeling and Acting School during the early time since his interest was into acting from the very early time. Even Zach also went to participate with a great interest into International Model and Talent Association. Looking to his great effort in working and presentation he was made to get a s signed as a talent manager. Along with this for the further study he also studied in Montpelier High School and he was even talented in playing wrestling and football in the very time. Later after his education he got offered with the character of Casey Hughes during January 18 2005 until May 2, 2007. 

Zach is the father of 1 children and he is taking a good responsibility of his child with taking good care and attention. His daughter was born in January 2011 and he was born from his ex-girlfriend Alanna Turner. He claimed for the custody of his daughter few years later as soon as his wife got federal prison for incarcerated. He was also having his affair with Candice King for one year of time started from the year 2011. The rumor was also their about his dating with Kayla Ewell during the year 2011 as making her as his girlfriend but there is no any clear fact behind this statement. It is stated that his longest relationship extended was till 9 months and same is the shortest one with average length. Zach is planning to have a family and searching for a good partner to make his wife. He thinks now he is in age to get seriously married also to take the good care of his daughter from a mother. He is no gay and also he has not been questioned within this regard.

The height of Zach is around 5 feet 11 inches in tall and his weight is 75 kg. His net worth is around 4 million American dollars looking to the current statistics. His salary is exceeding to compare to the previous work of his working. Zach is religious person and he has popularity much earned in social networking sites mostly in Instagram account. 

by Bchrome, 20 Apr, 2016

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