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Xavier Samuel was born in 10 December 1983 at a place called Hamilton, Victoria of Australia. Xavier is 32 in his age and he is an actor since 2003. Mostly, people remember him with his work in the movie named September. Xavier also worked in The Loved Ones as well as New Castle is another best work which is undertaken by him. His work in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is said to be the best work he ever played among his career. Xavier mother name is Maree and father name is Clifford Samuel who was brought up in Adelaide of South Australia where he completed his further education in the very time. His brother is also working as writer, actor and producer whose name is Benedict. On similar to this his elder sister is also stage manager by her profession whose name is Bridget.

Xavier completed his education from Rostrevor College during the early time. With the interest in drama and his interest made her to study in Christian Brothers College during the very time. His final level of education got completed from Flinders University Drama Centre which was during the year 2005 and after which he started his professional career working into the industry. He was taught by Julie Holledge who is a high ranked acting teacher and later he portrayed within Hamlet for his work. The official debut of this popular actor started by his portray in McLeod’s Daughter during the year 2003 within one of the top Australian TV Show.

Samuel is a huge fan and good supporter of Adelaide Football Club and he is follower of the football rules. Looking to Samuel relationship status in the very first time he was in love with affair Shermine Sharivar which was during the year 2010 for one year of time. Though there was the rumor among this couple to get married they were just rumors within itself because he jumped into dating with Phoebe Tonkin as soon as he broke up with Shermine, but this also did not lasted for a long duration of time? Though now, he is single previous to this he was also in affair with his girlfriend Emily Browing during the year 2012 that lasted till the year 2015. In one interview he stated he is now in age to get married therefore he is searching for a best girlfriend to start their dating. His bio in wiki has also not elaborative personal information related about him.

Samuel height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall holding white ethnicity background he has Australian nationality. In current his weight seems lost than compared to the previous year. In addition to this his salary and net worth is exclusive in amount. Looking on the ratio of 2016 as his net worth it is estimated to be around 4 million American dollars. His popularity is reaching its weight in instagram these days.

by Bchrome, 23 Apr, 2016

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